Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Bird of Rarest-Spun Heaven Metal

That's how I'll be flying to New York tomorrow. I think that's what those things are called, but anyway, yes, off to New York I go until Sunday, so things'll be quiet around here until at least Monday, if not Tuesday (or Wednesday). Feel free to poke around the archives in my absence and laugh at my many errors and occasionally jaw-dropping overuse of parentheses.

Also, the first post upon my return will, I hope, feature a new look for The Kind of Face You Hate. I'm actually perfectly happy with the current look, but I'm told by my old pal and confidant Greg Ferrara that my recent and deeply infuriating formatting problems might stem from the fact that I'm using an old template or something. Being the kind of fellow he is, he offered his kind assistance to me, a computer illiterate (basically, anyhow), and since he already designed my banner, I said sure. AND THEN I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT! But I plan to, and Greg, if you're out there, sorry I haven't contacted you, but we'll do this thing soon. Thanks again!

And thank you all very much (in my head, I said that like Dean Learner) for your patronage or whatever reading blogs is called. I shall see you all anon.


Greg said...

I'm going to see my parents this weekend so I may not get anything done on this until next week. But then, I shall tackle it and The Kind of Face You Hate will rise from the ashes (I have to destroy it first) like the Phoenix rising!

bill r. said...

Oh so now you're "too busy"! What a piece of shit you are!

I didn't mean that. You're not a piece of shit. We'll talk next week!

Tony Dayoub said...

Have fun in NYC!

bill r. said...

Thanks, Tony!