Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Where I've Been

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Hey everybody! If you don't follow me on Twitter, but read this blog, you should know two things: one is that this blog is not dead! Second, lately I've been writing about films over at Rebeller. I keep mean to mention that here and then I forget, so I'm doing it now while it's still fresh in my mind. There have been four pieces so far. Please see the links below!

(By the way, it's a subscription site, but it's only a couple bucks a month. Also I believe there is a free option, where you get a certain number of articles free per month. You can learn more on the main page.)

An essay about how some films try to make the audience hate their villains before the villain has done anything wrong, through political and cultural signifiers.

A look at the self-criticism that's right out in the open in Clint Eastwood's True Crime.

A celebration of Bob Hoskins, mainly via The Long Good Friday and Mona Lisa.

And finally, hot of the presses, this piece about the many bad faith criticisms of the work of Wes Anderson, which always ramp up when he has a new movie coming out.

Read them all! Please and thank you.