Thursday, May 5, 2011

Promises, Promises

I apologize for the barren, airless, blasted and silent post-apocalyptic wasteland this blog has become in the past week, but remember, I told you this would happen! But not only was I out of town, thereby justifying this blog’s emptiness, but now that I’m back I find my head filled with thoughts about how nice it is to not have a blog. Then I remember that I have one! O folly, etc.
Well, I’m not bailing on the thing, and in fact I have at least two posts planned for the coming days. The problem is that both posts require DVDs to arrive to me via the US mail service. And so I wait. They’ll be good, though, I promise (I’m not really promising anything). One that I'm especially keen to get into has to do with violence, of the extreme variety, in movies, which is something I've covered before, and will no doubt cover again. You know the idea that in fiction there are really only three plots, Man Vs. Nature, Zombie Vs. Vampire and Zeppelin Race? Well, it's the same thing with writing about movies. There are only three topics: Extreme Violence, Why Don't Women Get To Be In Movies? and The Oscar Season.
So apologies again, but I’m not dead, the blog’s not dead (the redesign is still coming, too) – just have to get some ducks in a row. Back soon.

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