Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Affinity #7

I'm going to have to write something else sooner or later, but since I'm stuck, and this person is being discussed by me and stupid loser crybaby Jonathan over at Fox's place...

You know
You know how it is with me baby
You know, I just can’t stand myself
And it takes a whole lot of medicine
For me to pretend that I’m somebody else

-Randy Newman


Greg said...

"Others" - You mean me. I'm the "others." Would it have been so hard to say it was "currently being discussed by me, Fox and Jonathan?" Geez, I feel so marginalized.

Fox said...


I think Bill should make Affinity # 8 be about one of us... probably you since you've been in his life so long. (cue Joe Cocker and Kim Carnes...)

I wonder if margarine has ever felt marginalized?

bill r. said...

I fixed it, Jonathan. Happy now?

Greg said...

Ah, much better. Thanks!

Greg said...

Hey wait a minute!

bill r. said...

Now what!?

Greg said...

Nevermind. I thought you put "jackass" after "crybaby." My bad.