Friday, November 7, 2008

So, What Should I Post About Tonight?

In his very generous comment to my final post for The Kind of Face You SLASH!!, Arbogast (enough with the goddamn links!) said that after completing such a project, one is bound to feel empty-handed. Now, I took that to mean that you're going to feel like there's no pay-off: you put all that time and work into a month-long project like that, and at the end of it you have seem to have nothing substantial to show for it. And I do feel like that, sort of (although I also understood Arbogast to mean that, even if you feel that way, it's not really true). But I also feel empty-handed in the sense that I have no idea what to post about anymore. I'm sure that will change, but right now...well, anyone who visits this blog knows that I've just been posting pictures lately. I almost did that again today.

But I don't want to keep posting pictures. I want to write about...something. However, since I'm still stuck for an idea, I leave it up to you, my eight-or-so faithful readers: what the crap should I write about? I haven't watched any movies in about a week, and I have no general topics in mind. So, what? Should I write about bunnies? Ladders? Which foods I especially like? Why I think serial killers are jerks? It's in YOUR hands!


Anonymous said...

I like pictures ...

Write about something you love, write about a movie genre you love (other than horror, perhaps), or a movie you haven't seen for awhile but remember fondly. One thing I do is look at the movie news sites (like Variety, etc.) and find something to react to.

Have i said I like pictures?

bill r. said...

Yeah, you know, I see other blogs make reference to something I read on some other blog that really pissed them off -- Glenn Kenny does this to great effect. Maybe I should poke around until I get mad about something, and then let loose.

Greg said...

Movies? Pics? What the hell? You hit on it right there in your post - Ladders! My God, I haven't read a good solid post on ladders in ages. It's high time someone do some more on the subject.

[all chant] Lad-ders! Lad-ders! Lad-ders!

I guess once you've exhausted the ladder angle you could talk about movies. My problem is that I have tons of topics I want to write on but never enough time to do it right so I put something else up in the meantime, like Floods of Fear which popped into my head and was like, "What the hell, let's just do that" and when I have time I'll develop my other ideas. But really just think of a movie or genre or whatever and write it.

I hope I'm not sounding too much like the studio guy in Barton Fink - "Wallace Beery. Wrestling picture. What do you need, a roadmap?"

bill r. said...

Well, I guess my imagination isn't as fertile as yours, Mr. Lapper!

Honestly, right now, I'm just plum out of ideas, or, at least, I'm plum out of ideas that infuse me with enough energy to right about them.

So, I don't know. I have a four day weekend coming up, and will most likely be watching a whole shitload of movies, so that should spur something. But right now I just want to put up a picture of Nicole Kidman and be done with it.

Greg said...

Well, I guess my imagination isn't as fertile as yours, Mr. Lapper!

No one's is.

bill r. said...

Jonathan, I just yelled at you over at SLIFR.

Fox said...

Well that Budd Boetticher BOX SET came out this week!

Or, you could just please me, and maybe Brian, by writing about the NFL.

Lapper's new team is the Titans. He said he's "always" been a fan, but I think he's gravy training on their 8-0 start!

Greg said...

The Patriots will always be my team because I latched onto them at the age of five. But for now, football remains dead to me. I keep up with the standings online but I still have not watched a single second of a single game this year. Right now, where I am, it has nothing to offer me. And the Titans are AFC so I'd root for them anyway when they weren't playing the Pats. I'm a team, conference man. So it would be Pats, then AFC teams except the Dolphins (because they're the number one rival and they molest farm animals for leisure activities).

Fox said...


I forgot about your Pats. I just felt like saying you liked the Titans... well, just to say it. It was impulsive nutiness.

That's weird about the Dolphins and farm animals, cuz I've always heard the same thing about The Dallas Cowboys.

The good thing about being a fan of a struggling team (my Texans) is that you can always counter that pain by getting off on the struggles of a team you hate... and that would be The Cowboys, for me.

Greg said...

Where's my ladder post? I'm getting anxious.