Monday, March 16, 2009

What Jonathan Said

This Jonathan, that is. I don't imagine that there's going to be a hell of a lot going on anywhere on the the internet today, because in just under two and a half hours, Rick Olson, our resident Scandanavian, is kicking off this months' TOERIFC discussion -- this time it's on Jean Renoir's Boudu Saved from Drowning. So everybody go there today, and leave me alone!


EDIT: Maybe I should save this for its own post, but I just heard that Ron Silver passed away. He was one hell of an actor, and -- I'm not going to lie -- I truly admired his articulate way of presenting what was, in Hollywood, an unpopular political stance, one that I happened to share.

But politics is neither here nor there, especially now. He was a very fine actor, from what I've gathered a good guy, and, in any case, a human being. RIP.


Marilyn said...

I always thought he was a very sexy actor. He's got the look I like. He was the star of one of my favorite films, too: Enemies, A Love Story. I plan to rewatch it soon. I didn't know about his political change of heart, which would not have colored my view of his work in any case.

bill r. said...

I've never seen Enemies: A Love Story, but I ran across a reference to it recently that made me more interested in it than I had been previously. Something along the lines of "no studio would finance this movie today". I'll have to get on that.

There was a lot that I didn't like about Find Me Guilty, the last Silver movie I can remember seeing, but Silver sure as hell wasn't one of them. He was really terrific in that.

The Siren said...

My goodness, I am shocked--he was comparatively young. I am sorry to hear this, he was a fine actor, excellent in Enemies and Silkwood both. I admired him for being committed to stage as well as TV and film, which is rare nowadays--you get screen stars dabbling, but not maintaining a regular presence in theatre. A strong and independent voice, for sure.

bill r. said...

Campaspe, he was sick for a long time. Two years, I think. I never saw any of these appearances myself, but over the last year or so, when he was a gues on CNN, etc., he apparently looked pretty frail.

It's very sad, no matter what your politics. A class act and a great, serious actor.

Anonymous said...

I am saddened. A fine actor, and apparently, as you said, a nice guy.