Tuesday, January 27, 2009


...that happened.


Greg said...

I love that scene (not the pic shown but the line) from State and Main. Alec Baldwin is pure genius in that movie.

Also, great - "What happened in 1973?" That moment is brilliant!

bill r. said...

Baldwin went through a period where he made a lot of bad movies, but in my opinion he is a GREAT actor, and when it comes to comedy I think he's kind of a genius.

And State and Main runs out of steam (it's a comedy, after all), but man are there some wonderful moments throughout.

"Aren't those illegal?"
"Why would they be illegal?"
"Because of the embargo on Cuba."
"...Nobody tells me anything."

Greg said...

Baldwin is a great comic actor. It's why he's guest hosted SNL so many times, because he's funnier than any of the cast members. And his role in Glengarry Glenross is a sublime combination of menace and high hilarity. You alternately cringe at his selfish bravado and laugh at his "in your face" delivery.

Brian Doan said...

I'm sure other people have mentioned this, but his role on 30 ROCK might be read as a kind of sequel to his part in GLENGARRY-- this is what happens to that silky shark, twenty years down the road. I blow hot and cold on the show, but he's very, very funny.

bill r. said...

He becomes a reasonably nice guy? I wouldn't have guessed that for his character in Glengarry Glen Ross. But Baldwin is great on the show, no question.

Arbogast said...

Baldwin is 30 Rock - remember when the scandal blew up over his phone call with his daughter and he considered dropping out of the show? That would have killed the thing then and there - for all the press that Tina Fey gets (most of it undeserved, IMNSHFO), Baldwin is the reason people tune in week after week.

I thought State and Main was pretty weak tea, as are most of the things David Mamet does on his own these days. Spartan could have been entertaining but he took his material so goddamn seriously. Same is true with The Unit, even when the plots are sub-Mission: Impossible caliber. The guy seriously needs to get over himself.

bill r. said...

I love Spartan, I'll have you know. I don't think he takes it too seriously, although I'm pretty sure I've heard the complaint before. He wanted to make a dark, nasty thriller, and so he did. I don't get the problem.

I won't deny that Mamet is pretty full of himself, but I respond VERY strongly to his stuff, and always have. So, I guess what I'm trying to say, Arbo, is you better take back what you said!!!