Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Dardie Awards!

I'm assuming at this point -- some three or four days after the ceremony -- that you all know that I am one of the five recipients of Jonathan Lapper's presitigious Dardos Awards for 2009. I was genuinely honored to have received the Dardo (and those of you who say this is just a pity award can eat one), and would still be honored today, if I hadn't been informed that one of the duties of the Dardos Award recipient is to hand out five more Dardos to bloggers you consider worthy. I consider several bloggers worthy of the award, but this is really kind of a hassle. However, I was notified by the good people at Price-Waterhouse that my Dardo would be recalled if I didn't follow through, so I am now happy to present to you, my readers, The Kind of Face You Hate's own Dardo Awards of 2009!

Fox - for fostering heated yet civil debate about serious topics on his own blog, and then coming over to everyone else's blogs to talk about boobs.

Rick Olson - for being better than me, but not rubbing my nose in it.

Stacie Ponder - for loving the horror genre, and making me laugh.

Brian Doan - for being a good egg and a good writer, and for liking all the same unfairly maligned superhero movies as me.

Adam Ross - he's leaving us for a while, so maybe this is cheating, but he's a classy, funny guy who ran/runs a great blog, and he deserves one of these.

So there you go! Enjoy your Dardos, everybody! You're supposed to pass it on, remember, so get on it!


Fox said...

HA! YES! I got a Dardo! In your face Rick!... oh... oops... well, I got TOP BILLING RICK! In your face!

Thanks Bill, you're the best.

bill r. said...

No are the best. Each and every one of you!

Greg said...

Everybody wins!

Nobody loses!


Just. Like. Life.

Fox said...

I lost in Wii bowling to my 4 year-old nephew... 6 times in a row!!!

...that's pathetic...

bill r. said...

Jonathan, is that what life is like? Man, I think I've been doing it wrong.

Fox, my ten year old niece beat me at Wii bowling, too, but she knew a trick and wouldn't teach it to me. Otherwise, I'd've smoked her.

John Self said...

Hey, wait a minute! I got one of these but I was told I was one of fifteen recipients. I mean I knew the pound was weak but that's just taking the piss.

Greg said...

You know what I do if a kid beats me at Wii? I smash the Wii and hurl its shattered frame across the room and then say, "Oh I'm sorry. Was not I supposed to do that?" Then, when the kid starts crying, I just laugh and laugh and say, "Lesson learned? Respect your elders!" And then I storm out of the room.

If you guys don't do that it's probably just because you haven't reached my level of maturity yet.

bill r. said...

John, I think your Dardo is counterfeit. Don't feel bad, because a lot of people have been duped like that, but you should probably turn it in to your local authorities at once.

Jonathan - Don't worry, I made my niece pay for her insolence.

Brian Doan said...

Thanks, Bill! My Dardie will go on my shelf right next to my plethora of Dundies.

Seriously, thanks for thinking of me!

Rick Olson said...

Thanks, Bill. I am touched. (Sorry I didn't get back to you on this sooner. I have been absolutely away from all blogging activity since last week.)

Unlike Fox, whose competitive streak obviously knows no bounds. I lose to my 22-year-old all the time at X-Box. Losing to a 4-year old IS pathetic.

I personally will put my Dardo on the shelf next to my life-sized bust of Francisco Franco who, in case you didn't know, is still dead.