Monday, January 3, 2011

Don't Get Around Much Anymore

Oh, I'm just joking! Sure I get around! I get around plenty! It's just that with the Christmas and the New Year -- happy New Year, by the way -- I haven't been on-line too much. I've left at least one post hanging as a draft, but otherwise I haven't actually watched all that many new films, or even old films, about which I could write. Okay, I did see The Kids Are All Right, and I liked it too much to be able to use my pre-planned joke (something about my reaction to it being right there in the title), but not enough to think about too long afterwards. And I saw the Disney animation documentary Waking Sleeping Beauty, which was equal parts fascinating -- Roy Disney, I know you've since passed on yourself, but you were a dick at Frank Wells's memorial service -- and frustrating, in the latter case mostly because of the way it was made, and the related fact that it relied heavily on narration. Also, though, I appreciated the mini-tribute to Howard Ashman embedded within the film, because that guy was a genius.
But not much else to talk about right now, I'm afraid. This is just a post to let you all know I'm still here, and the blog-wheels should begin turning again at full speed pretty soon. And anyway, today we lost Anne Francis and Pete Postlethwaite. A moment of silence is in order.

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