Saturday, April 4, 2009


Fox has tagged me for a thankfully simple meme, the idea of which is to simply list your ten favorite film characters. I don't pretend this is actually my top ten, but they're ten that I really like, and also I cheated once, but that's my business. So let's do this thing.

Tom Doniphan

Father Karras

Danny Rose

Baron Victor Frankenstein



The Faun

Dave Moss

Tom Reagan

Sherlock Holmes (as portrayed by Jeremy Brett)

I tag Dennis, Brian, Glenn, Wings, Rick and Mariana. That's one more than I needed to tag, but what the hell.


Ryan Kelly said...

and also I cheated once, but that's my business

Well, I'm making it my business. Tell me, I must know!

Greg said...

Danny Rose is a favorite of mine too. By the way, this wasn't up Thursday, you just put this up today. What's up with that?

Oh and Ryan, he cheated by not tagging you or me because nobody cares about us.

Ryan Kelly said...

Fine with me, I didn't want to play their stupid game anyway. Nope, no skin off my nose...


Ryan Kelly said...

And, he probably started the post on Thursday and forgot to update the date stamp. I do it all the time. One time, I published a long-gestating piece of mine and it didn't even show up on my front page. But then, I'm pretty much computer illiterate.

Not all of us have desk jobs where we can update our blog every day!

bill r. said...

How do I change the date stamp? Is it too late?

I cheated with Jeremy Brett as Holmes, because Brett played him on TV. I assume that's a cheat, anyway.

And our blogging circle is ever exanding, so I can't fit everyone in these "I tag you" things! Besides, Greg, Fox tagged JARVIS, and I figured you'd be helping him with that.

Danny Rose, as far as I'm concerned, is Allen's best performance. The film is in my top two Allen films, as well, with Crimes and Misdemeanors.

Ryan Kelly said...

How do I change the date stamp? Is it too late?

In your post, click on the expandable "Post Options", and you can update the date stamp. It's not too late, Bill, it's never too late!

Danny Rose, as far as I'm concerned, is Allen's best performance.

It's a wonderful performance, I agree (Allen is underrated as an actor in general), but I prefer him in Manhattan. His face at the end of the film is reminiscent of Chaplin's in the last scene of City Lights

But my absolute favorite performance of his is Deconstructing Harry. It's a deeply personal, brilliant serio-comic performance. It's everything Allen does best rolled into one (not to mention an underrated film in general. One of his best, I think)

Ryan Kelly said...

That's not all that strange, Greg, I do it too. It just makes things easier on the eyes. That is, assuming I don't forget to update the time stamp, like our "well I'm just gonna go ahead and leave Greg & Ryan out because I don't like them" friend here.

Greg said...

Yeah, Bill "Who Cares if Greg and Ryan Fall of the Face of the Earth" R. doesn't really care as much about the timestamp thing as we do.

bill r. said...

Whoo, what a day! Nice to be back to my blog.

So, who are you guys again?

Fox said...

Danny Rose is a great one. When I was thinking of my list, I shuffled through Woody Allen characters in my head but skipped over that one. Shame I did. It's a very strong one indeed.

And I almost went with "Bennie" as well. He may be my favorite Peckinpah creation, but that's hard to decide on. I love the scene in Bring Me the Head... when Bennie and his girlfriend are sitting under the tree.

Ryan Kelly said...

So, who are you guys again?

I'm Bart Simpson, who the hell are you?

Word Verification: prombabi

Neil Sarver said...

I think this list is closer to the list I'd make than any others I've seen. Good show!

bill r. said...

Fox, my favorite scene in Alfredo Garcia is after the massacre of the innocent Mexicans and the death of one of the hitmen, when Bennie says, "Do I still get paid?"

Ryan - I am Death, destroyer of worlds.

Thanks, Neil. I don't know if this one would match up with your list, as well, but I regret not having room for Freddie Frenger, from Miami Blues. I thought about replacing somebody with him, but I couldn't decided who I could afford to lose.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I've been tagged! I love these things ... me and Jarvis, we're gonna rock this town tonight!

M said...

Any list with John Wayne, Jeremy Brett and Peter Cushing absolutely rocks. Thanks for the tag, Bill!

bill r. said...

You're welcome, Mariana. I know yours isn't exactly a movie blog, but I thought that would make your list all the more interesting.

Dennis Cozzalio said...

Yay! I'm in. I always think people will be annoyed if I tag them for something, so I don't do it very often, but when I get tagged I always enjoy it. (So what's wrong with my logic here?) Thanks, Bill!

(Rick, I didn't mean to ape your enthusiasm so closely with my opener! Sorry!)

outside dog said...

Every time I watch Doniphon in a fit of wild grief burn down the house addition he built for Haddie, I am moved to tears and ever further removed from and bewildered by those lost souls who express a categorical dislike of John Wayne.

I just don't get it...

bill r. said...

Rollerman - Yeah, how is it possible to dislike John Wayne after seeing that movie? I mean, never mind all the other films for a moment, he's just so heartbreaking as Doniphan. It's my favorite John Wayne movie, and my favorite John Ford movie.

Wings1295 said...

Ok... How did I miss being tagged???

I apologize for not posting something, I didn't know. Don't hate me!

Will think on it and do something very soon!

Wings1295 said...

Okay, I finally did it:

Here are My Top Ten Favorite Movie CharactersHope you like!