Wednesday, September 3, 2008


One of the things that held me back from starting a blog was the fact that I could never come up with a good name. When I finally did luck onto one I was happy with, the ball got rolling fairly rapidly after that. The Kind of Face You Hate is, I think, unusual, and eye-catching, and -- if I'm ever able to get into a rhythm with this thing -- will indicate in a vague way "what I'm all about". Don't you know.

Well, last night I was watching Manhunter, a favorite of mine. As you do with favorite movies you've seen a billion times, I was waiting for some of moments I love most. One of my favorite moments is when Graham puts his family on a plane to ship them the hell out of there, and he's staring out a window, into the rain, and he says "It's just you and me now, sport."

Or, should I say, It's Just You and Me Now, Sport.

Son of a bitch!


Fox said...

I thought you were gonna say that you should have named your blog MANHUNTER. Es posible?

But honestly, I like The Kind of Face You Hate. It's very intriguing. It does make me reflect on what it could possibly mean, but that mystery is part of the fun.

bill r. said...

I like my current title, too. It's just that the line from Manhunter was staring me right in the face the whole time I wasn't starting my blog because I couldn't think of a title.

Greg said...

If you want to change it, change it. It's still early on. It won't affect your http address. I like both titles personally but I think "The Kind of Face You Hate" is more distinctive.

bill r. said...

Yes, well, I like it, too. I'm not going to change the title. I just felt like postin' somethin'...