Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Because it's almost October, and you should be terrified! Of ghosts and such!

Ah yes, October. What you're currently reading is my annual preamble to the month-long amble that is The Kind of Face You Slash, a project that ordinarily finds me writing about horror fiction -- stories and novels and so forth -- every single goddamn day. Ha ha, not that I don't love it! That's going to happen again this year, starting Tuesday, but this year there's a slight twist. For about half of the month, I will be doing what I always do, which is as previously described, but the other half of the month will be filled out with a roster of guest writers. The rotation will be roughly and alternating-days kind of thing, though this part I can't be certain about exactly, but in any case your takeaway should be: half me, half other folks, each of whom I'm very proud to have on board, and whose posts I think you'll greatly enjoy. There'll be bylines and stuff, even.

On top of the 31 posts vaguely outlined above, I'll be posting about any screeners I happen to have on deck, and I'll be linking to writing I've done/will be doing on other sites next month as well. So it's going to be kind of crowded around these parts, and the total number of posts could well be closer to 40 than 31.

"Dear sir!" I hear you cry. "Will any of those posts be part 9 of your Cronenberg Series? I'm pretty sure we're up to Dead Ringers by now!" Ha ha, indeed we are, gentle reader (or should I say...gentle bleeder!? (Halloween)), and I do apologize most humbly for allowing that project to take a back seat lately. Things have been all balled up at the head office, as a great man once said, and Cronenberg just kind of drifted out of reach for a while. As to whether or not it will return in October, I can't promise that, but if it doesn't, it will kick back into gear in November. I'm committed to this thing. Anyway, with Dead Ringers we're entering into a new phase in Cronenberg's career, so maybe I should have just said "We're entering a new phase in Cronenberg's career, that's why I took such a long break." You guys would've bought that, right? Fuck, I should've thought of that earlier.

BUT ANYWAY. So that's the deal on various fronts. Don't expect a new post until Tuesday, October 1, but since it's already September 25 no one would have blinked at the lack of activity. So I'm just going to shut up now, and I'll see you all on Tuesday...or should I say BOOsday!? (Halloween.)


Tony Dayoub said...

Looking forward to whatever you post.

Divers and Sundry said...

i'm looking forward to it and wondering what you and your guest writers have in store for us.

Bob The Wordless said...

I am really looking forward to the October posts.
You always direct me to some authors that I hadn't been aware of.
By the way,have you ever reviewed A High Wind In Jamaica? I'd sure love to read it (even if the color of your blog does do me eyes in! : ) )