Sunday, July 14, 2013


Boy things sure have grinded? ground? grinded? to a halt around here at the ol' blog lately, haven't they?  Well, I apologize.  I recently moved, and, by the way, have you guys ever moved?  Oh brother, am I right?  So there's that, and on top of that is the related fact that I don't know which box my David Cronenberg books are, those books being rather important to me lately.  I was hoping to write up Videodrome this weekend, but, well, see the previous sentence.

In the not too distant future, it is my hope to rev things back up.  One post in three weeks is not a rate that sits well with me, but these things happen during what I think might be called by some asshole or another Major Life Events.  So I apologize again, and beg your understanding.  In the meantime, hey, remember this movie?

Ha ha ha.  Nice try, bozos!

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John said...

Oh yes, I do remember that. It was... a movie. In 3 dimensions. A Golem & Globish Production. Starring that guy from Beastmaster and Megaforce as famed history professor/adventurer Michigan Coleslaw. A lost treasure: 4 magical crowns. Keys that got up and flew around all over the place on nearly invisible wires. Axes, swords, and giant cans of Coke flying off the screen every few seconds. An absolute magical adventure for the ages for all ages, and then some.

Hang on... Wha- Hey! Watch what you say about Bozo, bub!