Sunday, April 1, 2012

Today is a Day of April Firsts!

Shopping cart! Shopping cart! Oh my no, I am stuck in shopping cart rolling away! I AM ROLLING AWAY! Who is it to save me!? My fear is of cars! Oh, who can put me inside of a shopping cart!? And for why is their reason!? To destroy my life?! Below you can see a shopping cart very much not at all different from the one I am in going into the street with cars. My death is soon.

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! AH AH HA! I FOOLED YOU ALL! Today I am not within a shopping cart to my death! Today I am at home safely, no shopping carts or death even near me! But why would I do this? On today of all the days!? Because today is a "April First", or "Fools" Day, and on the day you fool all who love you into thinking you will die. APRIL FIRST!!!


Kelly said...

Writer in shopping cart? Snakes on a plane? I smell sequel!

Greg F. said...

I was pretty worried there for a moment because I read this today on the second and didn't realize you put it up yesterday. So I was thinking, "It can't be April Fools because it's the 2nd. Oh my God, Bill is going to die! What courage he has to type all of this out remotely from a cell phone or i-pad as he cruises to his death. My God, he even did a quick search on shopping carts to post a picture!"

Then I read the second part. You guy, you! You had me!