Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Typical Wednesday Movie Night

I'm actually not pictured. I was asked to go out for cigarettes and Taco Bell. No clue what they're watching here. They wouldn't tell me. I also asked if I could get a picture with them all, watching our next movie, since it was my home, but they said no, and then left. I ended up watching Hobo With a Shotgun by myself. Maybe they're not my real friends.


Stacia said...

They don't love you enough, Bill. Not like we do.

Not like we do.

John said...

Hey, cheer up, man. I mean, you got to see that crazy-ass awesomely amazing Hobo with a Shotgun, after all. Wasn't it the greatest? I mean, Gary muthafreakin' ROBOCOP Busey, man! What more could you possibly ask for?!

(OK, true, I may have gotten a little bored with it myself by about 15, 20 minutes in, but later I heard I'd missed all the awesome parts.)

bill r. said...

Stacia, your love is scary to me.

bill r. said...

John - Gary Busey? Was he in there somewhere? If he was, and if the movie had awesome parts, then I missed them, too.

Will Errickson said...

That's funny, my movie night with Holly Hunter went exactly the same way. Weird.

Unknown said...

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