Monday, December 28, 2009


I can speak English. I learned it from a book.
Merry post-Christmas, everybody. I was away, for five very delightful days, but now I am back. The above image and caption represents one of the lovely presents I received this year, and it's this sort of thing that I'll be thinking about all day, now that I'm back at stupid work. I hope all your holidays were similarly wonderful, and you are all just as miserable now that it's over as I am.


Patricia Perry said...


Pretty impressive moose, there. Glad your holidays were happy.

bill r. said...

Thank you, Pat. It's not my moosehead, just so you know. It belongs to the Internet. I couldn't find a good image of the moosehead from the TV show in question.

Patricia Perry said...

what? No shots of Basil's moose in cyberspace? That's from the best episode of all time! "Don't mention the war!"

bill r. said...

There are some, but they're all of Basil hanging it on the wall. None of just the moose sitting on the counter. It's a travesty, I know.

Greg said...


bill r. said...