Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Affinity #9

So if you ever felt something behind you, when you weren't even one, like welcome heat, like a bulb, like a sun, trying to shine right across the universe - it was me. Always me. It was me. It was me.

- Martin Amis
London Fields


Brian Doan said...

Great writer, great book. Have we talked about how good MONEY is, too? I also think THE INFORMATION is very underrated. And Amis is that rare novelist who is also a first-rate literary critic. Just so, so good.

bill r. said...

I think The Information is underrated too, although it's been years since I read it. A friend of mine thinks that's pretty much the best book Amis has written.

I liked Money a lot, but by the time I got to it, I'd read several of his books, so it didn't give me quite the rush it does to others. Most people who read Amis, I think, start with Money because it's his most famous, whereas I started with London Fields. So maybe whichever Amis book you read first, that's your favorite.

He is a great critic. His takedown of Hannibal is hilarious and dead-on.