Saturday, January 16, 2021


Hello folks. Hey, if you'd like to hear my shitty voice through your computer's speakers, or the speakers of your hand-held device, then please click over to Blake Howard's One Heat Minute podcast site, specifically to the page devoted to "Zodiac Chronicle", his new 24-part series on David Fincher's 2007 masterpiece Zodiac. In the new episode, I and many more qualified guests talk about the early parts of the film, with the Lake Berryessa murder taking center stage. And you know what, I might appear on future episodes as well! But even if I don't, you should listen to each and every episode, because Blake and his guests know what's what.


who said...

But why did you pick Ellison for your photo?

bill r. said...

That's my Twitter avatar and I didn't think to send Blake a photo of myself. If I reappear on the show, I'll send him one.