Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Remember, Remember, the End of November

Boy, this has really been a thin month around here, hasn't it? What is this, only my sixth post? I can't remember the last time I've been so unproductive with this blog, and if anybody's sad about that, allow me to apologize. I don't really know what the deal is, but I suppose October took more out of me than usual.
To add insult to injury, this post isn't going to be worth dogshit, either. I'm only popping in now to say "Oops!" and "I'm sorry!" and "Things will be better next month!" Hopefully, anyway. I should think they'd almost have to be, so I'm trying to stay positive. If nothing else, I'll be itching to post about Black Swan and True Grit when I see them in December, which is two posts locked down, right off the bat. Already things are looking better.
But I'm afraid that's really it for November. Obviously, I'm going to be tied up with family-type deals through the weekend, and while there's an off chance that I might spark on something to write about before the month is over, I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. So let's just call November a wash, and start fresh on December 1st. Until then, have a great Thanksgiving, everybody.
PS - Exit Through the Gift Shop sucked. This has been a review.


Greg said...

I've had five posts this November. One was "Location Work" about how'd I'd be busy with work and wouldn't be able to posts.

So, four posts.

Except that one of those four was me saying I'd be back to posting.

So, three posts.

Except one of those was a RIP post for Ingrid Pitt in which I simply linked to her BBC Obit.

So, two posts.

Except one of those was simply an announcement of the blogathon that I'm not even holding and in which most of the post was accomplished by simply quoting Marilyn's post.

So, one post. And it was for real, a review of Upstream, viewed at the National Archives.

One post. All month.


Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving!

bill r. said...

Two of mine were of pictures, with a prologue to one about how I'm not posting much. Then this one, about how I didn't post much this month. So only three real posts.


Roderick Heath said...

On the bright side, you did inspire me to rent All the Boys Love Mandy Lane.

bill r. said...

Have you watched it yet?

Roderick Heath said...


Roderick Heath said...

But I will.

Brian Doan said...

Hey Bill, I think it's been a slow month for a lot of folks (except Glenn, but that guy's a freaking machine, in the best sense of the term). I actually take great comfort in this post, as it makes me feel not so crazy for slowing down blogging the last several months. Things have just been busy here-- moving into a new house, lots of work stuff, etc.-- and blogging feels less important than all that. I'll sometimes think of posts, but feel guilty, as if I should be doing a lot of other things when I'd be posting. Also, doesn't Facebook feel easier sometimes? Or at least faster?

But you know, it's a blog, not a newspaper-- we don't have to post every day. I always appreciate coming here and seeing new stuff whenever you post, and even if you feel like you aren't doing "a lot," you should know that even these short posts have your usual wit about them, and are a pleasure to read.

bill r. said...

Thank you, Brian. I know we all go through these phases, but what startles me a bit was the fact that I didn't even realize how deep into this slump I was until I wrote this post. I haven't watched a movie with an eye towards writing about it in I don't even know how long. I just kind of found myself like this. I have a couple of post ideas now, but I don't know if any of them will pan out.

Facebook does feel easier and faster, but it's obviously not "writing", and that's what I don't want to lose -- the actual writing part.