Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Do You Like What You See?

And then BLAM! I'm being controlled by Satan. So to the list of things I would be useless during -- which already include quests for treasure in the Amazon and anything that would require me to become an astronaut -- you can now add 18th Century occult/Satanic-type situations involving pretty blonde ladies. I still think I'd be okay if me and a small group of friends found a bag of money, unless I suddenly turned greedy or one of my friends betrayed me. Barring either of those occurrences, though, I think I could swing it.


OlmanFeelyus said...

I'm pretty weak with the attractive ladies, I have to admit, but I am also quite sensitive and paranoid around the potentially supernatural. I would hope that my instinctive caution would better my masculine hormones, but there are a lot of factors, so it's hard to say for sure. I think it would help to remind yourself that there are a lot of beautiful women in the world, so you may always get a second chance, but you can't always get unpossessed and even if you do, it is a rough process and leaves some terrible physical and psychological scars.

bill r. said...

Well, of COURSE that's what you'd LIKE to happen. But have you seen THE BLOOD ON SATAN'S CLAW? That peasant blouse, or whatever, doesn't stay on for much longer, let me just say that.