Thursday, August 25, 2011


Boy, what a piss-thin week of blogging, am I right folks? More like hogging, because I’m hogging my free time by watching Game of Thrones, not by…not by blogging. Maybe this lack of writing has been for the best.

I do have my reasons, not that you care. But just in case you’re curious, there was, you know, just this little thing called an earthquake! I even felt it! I was at work, and I was like “What?” So I’ve been rattled about that, plus, less hilariously, this weekend promises a little thing called a hurricane, sort of almost smack dab where I live. I am not looking forward to this. Not that I fear for my safety or anything – I did just survive an earthquake, after all -- but because there’s an excellent chance I’ll have no power for a day or two. Boo hoo, yes, I know, children are dying somewhere, but if there’s one positive aspect to all those global tragedies, it’s that they have very little impact on my blog. I was watching the news recently and there was this terrible disaster over in, I don’t know, let’s say New Zealand, loads of dead kids everywhere, and I said to my wife “Well, at least my blog’s okay.” Because without perspective, I do believe I would go mad.

The same cannot be said in the case of Hurricane (pronounced “hurri-kin”) Irene. Her ferocious winds will not increase my blogging productivity in any way. This concerns me, in an actual sense, because I have a couple of obligations in this arena that I have to make good on in the coming days. In order to do so, I’m going to have to hastily reshuffle some things (or be less lazy for one day), see what I can churn out on short notice before losing power (which I regard as an inevitability), then hide under the bed and hope for the best.

At least I’ll be able to crank James McMurtry’s “Hurricane Party” up on the ol’ iPod and say “Exactly. That’s exactly right. Hurricanes and so forth. Yes."


Ed Howard said...

It's the end of the world, clearly. Not looking forward to this weekend.

How you liking Game of Thrones? Have you read the books?

Greg F. said...

Ed, Bill doesn't appear to answer comments anymore. He's all high and mighty these days and considers himself above such petty matters.

bill r. said...

Hey Ed - I have not read the books. I started the first, but I was still reading INFINITE JEST, so I couldn't keep going. But the show is great so far.

OH HI GREG!!!!!!

Greg F. said...

How's it going up there on your ivory tower, your highness?!

bill r. said...

Pretty sweet! I mean, it's an ivory tower. Those are the best things to be in.

Ed Howard said...

I don't know, an ivory tower might be one of the worst places to be in a hurricane or earthquake. Good luck with that!

But yeah, that show is fantastic, and the books are even better.

bill r. said...

I still plan on reading them. I feel like I can catch up in the book to where I am in the show pretty quickly if I try.